Our Story

              Started in 2008 with less than $500, I created Stay Shaded. The concept was to make vibrant colored sunglasses and apparel that I couldn’t find for myself! This was also true about clothes, swimsuits, etc. It started by selling to friends and family. I was 21 and going to college. I was working part time at Red Lobster, just got married, and had a daughter.  I was so overwhelmed and couldn’t keep the momentum to follow through… then. 

            Fast forward to 2016. The drive returned! I reignited Stay Shaded with all the money I had to my name. It was then, I switched over to more apparel rather than sunglasses being it was more feasible and I hade found the perfect partner, but I always planned on bringing things back full circle with shades. Things were going very well but still in take-off mode. Stress began to pile on me once again. Marketing costs, life expenses, and that little voice in my head doubting me. People close to me casting doubt, telling me I wasn’t good enough. All of these things held me back from truly believing in myself and my dream!!

            Fast forward to 2020. I had been in a narcissistic relationship for 3 years and my self-confidence was at an all time low. It was the most painful breakup of my life and I was left me feeling hopeless and severely depressed. Since then, I’ve been much more in tune with the universe and noticing daily coincidences/signs around me. Something was there though, the whole time, guiding me to my fate/destiny. I believe with all my fibers that this is what I was meant to do and at the time it was supposed to happen. I am listening and following the signs from the universe and I know I am on the right path that was meant for me!

Vibrant nature & animal inspired designs teamed with pastels, neons, blacks/whites. Definitely something more edgy and fun than the standard hiking, swimwear, outdoor recreation companies
Austin Jarrell
Owner/CEO of Stay Shaded Lifestyle